We live in a remarkable time. In the past when someone wanted to open a business, they found a place, set up shop, and if they did a good job of carrying products and services that people liked, they were successful.

Having a good product and providing outstanding service are still major keys to success, but life moves so fast these days that it's easy for a small business to become lost in the static.

What business owners did to connect with customers twenty years ago doesn't work like it did back then.
It takes special knowledge, skills and abilities to in today's "connected" world to resonate with customers. Finding time to keep abreast of the latest trends in marketing to customers is hard because the business environment is constantly changing.

Rick Watson Media is a small company whose focus is helping small businesses find new ways to connect with customers.

Whether it's a website, a monthly newsletter, a brochure, advertising campaign, YouTube training videos, or other needs, Rick Watson Media can help you manage your online presence.

Most small businesses have a Facebook account, but if used unwisely, it can annoy customers instead of bringing them to your door. Social media should be more than an should be another tool just like news releases, coupons, mailouts, and email marketing.

Rick Watson Media can help navigate your online presence and make your brand stand out  among the competition.